High Street Studios

At High Street Studios, we focus on creative process, the love of movement, and artistic expression. Students leave our school with a creative sense of themselves and they value the importance of movement in their lives and in the artistic community at large. Beyond movement, this space is a studio for the community. We hope conversations, performances, celebrations, and much more fill this space. Get curious, all are welcome here.

In business since June, '20
Alex Berger

Ali Hoerzer

Amanda Tranghese

Angie Benitez

Brian Pereira

Carla Villa & Emily Marcus

Elizabeth Silveira

Ellen Kennedy

Emily Marcus

Evelyn Burke

Jeff Jean Phillipe

Jenny Carlson

Jessie Reid

Julie Pike

Kristen Miller

Lissa Geggis

Michael Lydon

Miranda Lawson

Miranda Lawsen

Molly Tupper

Rita Thompson

Tabitha Rodger

High Street Studios